Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru House Bot not quite there yet

We have reason to smile. While robotics might be all set to take over our jobs, things can go wrong when its technology fails, what say guys? One of the most recent and unfortunate examples of this would be Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru House Bot. Cute as a nut, this was expected to go great guns and the company had plans of selling at least about 100 of this $14k+ bots. But as destiny would’ve had it, far fewer of them got sold. Well, the problem actually was with the limitations of the robot and the fact that even with all the functionalities that were intended, it could not be of much use beyond providing weather forecast and checking email. Moreover, let’s not forget that not too many people around the world are yet that tech-savvy. So while it might seem a wee bit affordable, this one’s. Read More..

Yaskawa’s Motoman DIA10: Scaring the mailboys away

Well, as if robots taking over your doctors and construction workers weren’t enough, you might soon be entering DHL and Fedex stores only to be greeted by the plastic grin of a robot sorting your mail. You think that’s funny? Well, if Yaskawa has its way, it won’t be. The Yaskawa Motoman DIA10 can sort a supposedly impressive 1000 pieces of mail in under one hour. Time effective, huh? They say, it’s meant to provide backup for your mail-workers, but think about it, would a company , really care about backup, if it got a robot that could do almost 10 people’s work almost 10 times faster? I don’t think so. You and I might become the backups for robots some day, coz it looks like they’re hell bent on doing anything you and me could. (NiRa) Via RoboStyle.Net