Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru House Bot not quite there yet

Mitsubishi Wakamaru botWe have reason to smile. While robotics might be all set to take over our jobs, things can go wrong when its technology fails, what say guys? One of the most recent and unfortunate examples of this would be Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru House Bot. Cute as a nut, this was expected to go great guns and the company had plans of selling at least about 100 of this $14k+ bots. But as destiny would’ve had it, far fewer of them got sold.

Well, the problem actually was with the limitations of the robot and the fact that even with all the functionalities that were intended, it could not be of much use beyond providing weather forecast and checking email. Moreover, let’s not forget that not too many people around the world are yet that tech-savvy. So while it might seem a wee bit affordable, this one’s already foreseen its doom. Mitsubishi is now renting it out to corporations and also in the meantime working on getting some add-ons to it, like giving it the ability to serve drinks, newspapers and maybe be the curt guest-welcomer.

So you see, while you and me still can’t quite give up reasons to worry about some plastic buddy taking over our jobs someday, we can at least heave a sigh of relief coz it seems to be way too long before these hard-dudes can actually kick some butt.

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