The Robotic Swami: You talking to me?

Okay, so you're a million years away from being pennyless. You've got too much money coz you've put your life and soul into work for ages, and you're completely lonely and without a single one to call your own. Guess who comes to your aid now? The Robotic Swami. Got that confused look on your face? I did too when I first read about it. But nevertheless, here's what your buddy for $75,000 (yeah, you'd rather get married). A cutting edge artificial intelligence robot which can recognize family members, chat up with you non-stop, build relationships and provide solutions is probably more than what any loner could ask for. If you're wondering what the 'all-inclusive' package really includes, it's a revolutionary character-engine artificial intelligence software, micro-camera eyes, over 30 "robotic. Read More..

iKool Kat Pink: For all those outrageous plaything lovers

With the increasing number of people getting lost in the hustle and bustle of their daily like, a lot of resorting to robots to keep their little ones company. Sad as it may seem, the kids have a thousand options to choose from. Moreover, you don’t need to go through all the maintenance problems when they r robots right? Feeding in on that trend is a new robotic cat called iKool Kat Pink that can light up to about 2, 56,000 different light combinations and can shake that booty when you plug it onto your iPod or any other portable player. Neat isn’t it? For all you know, dancing classes will someday get replaced by funny-looking plastic cats teaching you all the moves. This scary looking yet unique plaything is available from Toys “R” Us and is great for anyone who’s 8 years and up.