The Robotic Swami: You talking to me?

Okay, so you’re a million years away from being pennyless. You’ve got too much money coz you’ve put your life and soul into work for ages, and you’re completely lonely and without a single one to call your own. Guess who comes to your aid now? The Robotic Swami. Got that confused look on your face? I did too when I first read about it. But nevertheless, here’s what your buddy for $75,000 (yeah, you’d rather get married). A cutting edge artificial intelligence robot which can recognize family members, chat up with you non-stop, build relationships and provide solutions is probably more than what any loner could ask for. If you’re wondering what the ‚all-inclusive‘ package really includes, it’s a revolutionary character-engine artificial intelligence software, micro-camera eyes, over 30 „robotic micro motors,“ and a laptop which runs the whole show. Crazy izn’t it? As great a deal as it may seem, I’d rather get married for that money, coz it’s scary to have someone with that kind of moustache n eyebrows sitting ‚only-head‘ in your room and moreover, it won’t really gratify you after a point, if you know what I mean.

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