Celebritweets of the Day: February 12, 2010

celebritweets_PNG On The Death of Alexander McQueen. Fashion Designer: Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) - RIP Alexander McQueen. so so sad. such a huge loss. He was one of my favorite designers. He will be missed. Kelly Osborne (@MissKellyO) - i am so so sad to hear the news of Lee (Alexander) McQueen! i really just dont know what say im really in shock Jeremy Scott (@ITSJEREMYSCOTT) I AM FILLED WITH SO MUCH SADNESS TODAY I CAN NOT STOP CRYING MCQUEEN HAD BEEN SOMEONE I LOOKED UP TO IN SCHOOL AND GOT TO KNOW AS I STARTED Sandra Bernhard (@SandraBernhard) - alexander mcqueen was a brilliant artist i am terribly sad to hear the news these are very hard times for the sensitive folks, thoughts. Courtney Love (CourtneyLoveUK) - poor lee mCQUEEN. i really tried to hellp him long ago i feel really bad i found. Read More..